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Conquer the Meeting Assassin

We've all been there - that moment of frustration when you realize your meeting has been completely derailed. Instead of your fundraising committee discussing strategies to raise a $100,000 for your program expansion they've spent the last thirty minutes debating the theme of the spring gala. Next thing you know, you've got ten minutes left and nothing of substance has been accomplished. Total time suck. What's worse is you know you'll be back again next month repeating this insanity all over again!

Why is that? What is the root of unproductive meetings?

Well, my friends - you've been a victim of the Meeting Assassin.

That's right - among us in plain sight - exist meeting assassins - men and women that have the power to distract, dissuade, and discourage. These individuals come to meetings with a personal agenda - whether that is to gain consensus on the color of linens or spend time talking about their favorite pet project. Most importantly, their personal agenda almost never aligns with your agenda.

Meeting assassins thrive in three conditions:

1) Meetings without structure

2) Meetings that lack a clearly defined leader

3) Meetings with little to no facilitation

You can help a meeting assassin stay on track and become a productive member of your team with our 5 easy steps. #tipsandtoolswednesday #sparkachangenow

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