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Jelly Bean Diagram

thursday oct. 25

Community collaborative efforts are critical to addressing complex social issues.

Effective collaborations ensure key sectors and population groups have a seat at the table.

The jelly bean diagram is a great tool to help steering committees, board of directors, and staff answer three critical questions:

1) What sectors in our community have a direct influence on the issue we are seeking to address?

2) What specific organizations, entities, and groups are connected to the issue?

3) Who are the specific community residents, elected officials, and leaders needed at the table?

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Empathy Map

thursday oct. 18

Pause before you plan.

Empathy maps will transform your strategic planning process.  This tool, designed by Dave Gray, is an interactive and eye-opening exercise for staff and board members.  

How can we create a solution to a problem we don't completely understand? 


Sometimes, we are so focused on producing the outcomes we believe clients need we can overlook critical influencing factors and underlying conditions.

What are your clients seeing each day?  What are they hearing?  What do they believe about themselves?  What do they believe about their futures? What do they need to do differently?

Most importantly, we must use this information to turn inward.  To ask ourselves, what must we do differently as an organization to truly help our clients achieve success?

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